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Baking & Cooking Accessories

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 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set
 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set All you need to measure your ingredients when following recipes w..
 5 Piece Measuring Spoon Set
All you need to measure your ingredients when following recipes and brighten up your kitchen at the ..
 Flavour Injector
This highly versatile flavour injector is perfect for injecting marinades and meat juices back into ..
 Non-Stick Large Baking Sheet
Completely reusable, this non-stick coated baking sheet is perfect for all types of baking and cooki..
 Set of 3 Palette Knives
Perfect for spreading icing, cream and butter icing onto your exquisite cupcakes and cakes, this set..
 Silicone Pastry / Basting Brush
Silicone headed pastry brush, ideal for glazing and basting meat, poultry, vegetables, and pastry. T..
100 Baking Parchment Liners 20cm / 8"
Includes 100 siliconised baking papers Measure 20 cm (7 inches) Do not expose to direct heat sourc..
12 Bamboo Cake Dowel Rods - 12''
Dowel rods are used where you need additional support when creating multi tiered cakes. Also, when m..
12.5 Inch Plastic Dowel Rods
Pack of 4 hollow plastic dowels perfect for putting in between pillared cakes or used to support sta..
120 Minute Mechanical Kitchen Timer
120 Minute Mechanical Kitchen Timer Kitchen Craft mechanical one hundred and twenty minute, wind ..
3D Chick Cookie Cutter
3D Chick Cookie Cutter Have a happy Easter with this little chick shaped 3D cookie cutter to make..
Bamboo Skewers 30 cm
Perfect for a party! This pack of one hundred large bamboo skewers are ideal for use at a party or b..