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SK Essentials Citric Acid 150g

SK Essentials Citric Acid 150g

Brand: Squires Kitchen
Product Code: SK Essentials Citric Acid 150g
Availability: In Stock
Price: £3.79

Squires Kitchen Citric Acid is a useful natural ingredient for bakers, cake decorators and confectioners alike. Add citric acid (also known as lemon salt) to fondant icing for a tangy citrus flavour; to sweets to achieve a sour taste; or to homemade royal icing for added strength. Citric acid can also be used when making ice cream, caramel and fizzy drinks.


100% Citric Acid

ALLERGY ADVICE: May contain traces of nuts.

DIETARY GUIDE: No gluten-containing ingredients & Suitable for vegetarians.

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