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Ready to Roll Icing

Ready to Roll Icing/Sugar Paste/Fondant: Create a beautiful covering for your girl's birthday cake, or use as a sporty race car cake a great boy's birthday idea.


Sugar Florist Paste: Can be rolled extremely fine for intricate flower work. Pliable and quick-drying to guarantee excellent results.


Modelling Paste: This paste sets hard so is excellent for modelling.

Create gorgeous flowers for your wedding cake, ideal for a blush and rose gold wedding theme.

Preparing the paste: The cocoa butter in the this modelling paste needs to be warmed by kneading to bring it to a workable consistency. The best way to do this is to cut the paste into small pieces and knead each of them separately, as you knead the paste will go from hard to dry and crumbly and then to soft and malleable. Combine the small pieces when they are warm.


Renshaw Covering Paste: has a slightly softer formulation than usual, making it perfect for cake covering applications.


Source: www.culpitt.com

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