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Old Dutch House Liquorice 250g
Old dutch house liquorice. Ingredients: sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, molasses, liquoric..
Pontefract Cakes 250g
Pontefract Cakes Ingredients: Treacle, glucose syrup, maize starch, invert sugar syrup, wheat flo..
Red Band Liquorice 250g
Redband Drop Fruit Duos Liquorice & Fruit GumsIngredients: glucose syrup, sugar, modified Ssarch..
Salmiak Truffles 250g
Salmiak stick covered with a delicious layer of sugar. Hard but melt in the mouth Ingredients: Su..
Salt Tubes 250g
Salt tubes. Ingredients: Sugar, molasses, WHEAT flour, glucose syrup, liquorice extract, coc..
Single Salt Liquorice 250g
"Zoot" Hard Belgian Salt Liquorice Vegan Ingredients: Thickener: natural acacia gum, sugar, co..
Skipper's Liquorice Pipes
Skippers Liquorice Pipes Liquorice pipes are pipe shaped liquorice pieces that are soft eating an..
Double Salt Liquorice 250g
Dutch Double Salted Liquorice Gums Ingredients: sugar, modified starch, glucose syrup, cane sugar..
Triple Salt Liquorice 250g
Triple Strength Salt Liquorice Ingredients: Sugar, modified potato and wheat starch, gelatine, am..
Soft Salt Liquorice Skulls 250g
Medium soft skulls salt liquorice flavour Gelatine free Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup..
Schoolchalk Liquorice 250g
Salty Liquorice covered in hard white candy Ingredients: Sugar, molasses, glucose syrup, WHEAT&nb..
Salmiak Skulls 250g
Hard and slightly salty. Natural colourings, gluten free, gelatine free Ingredients: Sugar, Gluco..