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Order sweets individually by quantity for that perfect pick 'n' mix - or select 'Size Up' and order in set weights like 50g or 100g (other weights are available).

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Apple Bonbons
Apple Bonbons Sugar dusted apple flavour CHEWY sweets. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, vege..
Barratt Jelly Spogs
Barratt Jelly Spogs Delicious soft liquorice covered in pink and blue small round beads, we can't..
Barratt Milk Bottles
Barratt Milk Bottles Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, maize starch, water, beef GELATINE, flavo..
Blue Rasbperry Bonbons
Bleu Raspberry Bonbons Sugar dusted blue raspberry flavour CHEWY sweets. Ingredients: sugar, g..
Brown Drops
Brown Drops Milk chocolate flavoured candy buttons. Ingredients: sugar, palm oil, whey po..
Bumper Bananas
Bumper Bananas Banana flavour foam candy shapes.  Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, wate..
Chocolate Mice
Chocolate Mice Chocolate flavour candy mice. Ingredients: sugar, palm oil, whey powder (from M..
Chocolate Mini Eggs
Chocolate Mini Eggs Milk chocolate eggs in a sugar candy shell. Ingredients: milk chocolate (7..
Cola Bottles
Cola Bottles Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, water, PORK GELATINE, acids: lactice acid, malic ..
Dolly Mixture 250g
Dolly Mixtures Sugar, glucose syrup, beef GELATINE,vegetable oil (palm), cornflour, colours (anth..
Dracula Teeth
Dracula Teeth Strawberry flavour jelly sweets. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, WHEAT starch..
Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips White chocolate flavoured candy shapes. Ingredients: sugar, palm oil, whey powd..